28th of July 2014

When someone asks me if I’m okay.


When someone asks me if I’m okay.

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Awwwww yeaaaahhhh.

Awwwww yeaaaahhhh.

Liz Lemon + Love, Sex & Relationships.

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27th of July 2014




I almost died just now.

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Happy July 27th to me.

October 27th of last year, along with January 27th and April 27th of this year were three of the worst days of my life. Here’s to having made it through the past nine months. And here’s to things getting better.



*short haired people sobbing in the corner*

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26th of July 2014

I’ve gained a pretty decent amount of weight (15-20 pounds) in the past few months as a result of major depression, which was itself a result of a pretty serious existential crisis. I’m not super happy about it. HOWEVER, the one nice thing about having an existential crisis is that it makes you realize that gaining weight is not the worst thing that can happen to you. Now I know to most people, that might be common sense, but in the past I have definitely struggled with some seriously disordered thinking regarding eating/my weight/body image. So it’s nice to realize this, after having gone through a period when I actually would have considered gaining this much weight the WORST thing.

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